NEW ERA Caps on sale autumn spectacular

New Era Caps

Anywhere in the world to follow Britain’s most loved stars Kangaroo brand Kangol, evergreen classic models NEW ERA Caps on sale, over 50 birthday this year, the first of this hat is made from military berets improved from 50 years of the Renaissance, 60 , 1970s pop art and hippie rock, British Knights 80 years to 90 years of minimalist style luxury, long lasting, we bring together East and West continued to care for gallant star, rocket little Kangaroo logo, fifties not only young fatigue did not jump, but also the more jump the more dynamic, and not lightly role.

Cheap NEW ERA Caps from Knitting, Angora and Wool three English words, multiplying the three that is, “spend a good wool weaving,” meaning the majority of models are to lamb’s wool hat, or made ​​of angora, dedicated to a warm head winter, Feicibuke; full range of the British flag colors, according to the level of sub-blue, red and white label, white label with a variety of designer-oriented cooperation, is the top position, based in Taiwan with blue and red.

Comprehensive exposure of just wearing a hat fashion, hat a little close to the soft Nao Sao popular, including the trap head melon knitted cap, caps, and appearance can be said to extend all the way from the Cossack hat, hunting cap, and a new hat kinds of scarf hat, full of brilliant winter focus.