Acne Wash

How to Choose Acne Wash for Oily Skin

Every skin types has its own pros and cons. Oily skin may hard to make up, hard to choose the right cosmetics, and seems like acne loves oily skin. But oily skin has some amazing sides you may not know. Curious, right? Read the article, and you’ll find out soon.

“Personality” of oily skin

If you have oily skin, you may understand your skin and its characteristics. Most of oily skins will have the following: large pores, acne (whiteheads and/or blackheads). Acne can appear in very different positions on the skin surface, such as the back, chest, biceps… And the skin is shiny with oil. This particularly affects the makeup and your aesthetic.

However, oily skin is also very remarkable advantages

First, you hate greasy layer on your skin too right? This oily film called hydrolipid, the combination of sweat and sebum on the skin. Surely we have caused you the trouble of.

But just notice that every time greasy oil appears, you immediate clean your skin to avoid discomfort, remove clinging dirt. So, you do this regularly, and surprisingly, your skin condition is well controlled.

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Second, oily skin retains moisture better than other skin types. So, you’ll see your skin less rough, dry or flaky. You do not need to exfoliate the skin as much as the other. You also do not need to use moisturizer before makeup.

Third, oily skin types rarely has allergic reactions. This is because oily skin texture is thicker than the other. Thus, the skin is resistant to influences from the external environment, such as weather, chemicals…

Fourth, Oily skin aging slowly than other skin. This may be due to three advantages above.