Acne Remedies

Acne Home Remedies with Face Steaming

Steaming your face not only gets rid of dirt and other adhesive-harmful factors in the skin, also add some herbs in the water will help your skin smoother, shiny throughout all seasons.

Experts has proved that this method gives the burst efficiency for those who have lost faith in the performance of high-end cosmetics, even after prolonged use. You just need to prepare some herbs or essential oils and a warm hot water. For a mixture of herbs, essential oils and hot water in a bucket or large bowl. Use a towel to cover your head to, steam for about 8-10 minutes then wipe the skin surface dry with a clean towel. Here are a few good suggestions that you can try:

1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum is one herb to treat mild acne. You will find anti-bacterial effects and treatment of these flowers is amazing even after the first use. You can use fresh flowers, dried flowers or essential oils are chamomile.

Put 5-6 petals (or 3-4 teaspoons) into the boiling water, or you can use 2-3 tablespoons of oil if you can not find fresh flowers, steam for about 8-10 minutes to ensure your skin is absorbed from flower essences. Besides the reduction of acne, this approach also helps prevent any pain from the blisters.

Steaming with Chrysanthemums

2. Fresh lemon and mint

The formula which includes 3-4 slices of fresh lemon and 4-5 mint leaves. Put both into hot water for 6 minutes. And then steam for about 8-10 minutes. Quick tip for you is just to boiling water and then turn off the heat and then wait a little, so will be easier for you when water still too hot.

Lemon and mint for face steaming

Lemon and mint for face steaming

3. Rosemary, lemon and honey

Mix 2-3 teaspoons rosemary oil, 2 slices of lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey with hot water and let the mixture rest for a few minutes. Please clean your pores with this particular formula. Then dry the surface with a clean towel. Each week try to do at least 2 times, you will win the particular type of acne is acne after a period of persistent struggle there.

4. Camomile, fennel seeds, petals

This is a great recipe from organic ingredients. All you need to do is give 3-4 teaspoons chamomile, 2 teaspoons cumin seeds and petals 4-5 in a large bowl. For hot water into the bowl and covered at least 10 minutes. Use a large towel to cover your head and broke the surface at least 8-10 minutes. Finally, wipe the surface with a clean towel. Using this formula every week you will have a clean and healthy skin, ensuring not dare attack acne.